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General delivery conditions A.Thilman & Fils and Patima Electrocenter S.à.r.l

Delivery and installations from professional kitchen equipment and household appliances

1. We deliver catering supplies and household appliances in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. We keep us the right to exclude special offers and other promos from this Franco delivery.
2. If an installation is agreed, we only connect to existing connections, confirming to the norms and at a maximal distance of one meter.
3. Deliveries of goods that are farer away than the catchment area shown on the picture only are made by special agreement. The transport costs depend from the kind of goods, their value and are calculated individually.

Delivery from electronic and cookware

We keep us the right not to deliver electronic and cookware not Franco domicile but only for important commands or if agreed.
In the normal case, the goods have to be taken away by yourself, or they are sent at charge of the customer.

End of delivery conditions

1. Delivery from Bissen if not agreed otherwise. The goods are travelling for the risk of the buyer.
2. The risk is transferred latest at the moment of decharging to the customer. If there is no delivery because of a valid reason from the customer, the risk is transferred with the intention of sending to the buyer. In theses cases the ready for sent appliances are stocked with costs and risk for the customer. The expeierance date of the invoice is not touched by those circumstances.
3. The receiver has to inform us about any kind of transport dammage.


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